The thought of people from other parts of the world having traveled in Lesotho thousands of miles better than me always nagged at my mind. I wished I could travel extensively around my country and show the results on this website by posting photos and videos and telling the stories. But alas - time is never on our side. So I have to resign to a conclusion that some people will always travel more than others.

I have moved the map of Lesotho under My Home, and I will continue to provide links to places of interest on the clickable map. Hopefully one day it will grow into Google Maps. I will also add a directory of business opportunities in and around Lesotho.

But my biggest focus on this site will be to share my experiences as a Webmaster who has embraced the Ubuntu philosophy and loves the Ubuntu promise. Not so long ago, I used to run Windows XP on my computer. My job was to maintain websites that were developed in PHP and hosted on Linux. Most of my work was done using Macromedia Dreamweaver. One day I decided to install Ubuntu on my desktop and have a dual boot system. The idea was to make a gentle switch to Linux, where I could have a testing environment similar to the live server right on my desktop.

Each time the computer booted, I would freak-out and quickly scroll to the bottom of the boot options to stop the computer from booting into Linux. I was scared of change I guess. Later on, I replaced the Windows installation with Kubuntu, which was somehow not so far from the XP that I was used to. So, I either had to boot into Linux or boot into Linux. This was a liberating moment.

I have become very comfortable with Ubuntu and more productive due to readily available free software.  Anything I want, synaptic and apt are my friends - friends who want nothing in return.